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A python module for getting useful data out of iXBRL™ and XBRL™ files. The library is at an early stage - feedback and improvements are very welcome.

For more about the iXBRL™ and XBRL™ standards, see the specification site and XBRL International. This tool is not affiliated with XBRL International.


The module requires BeautifulSoup and lxml to parse the documents.

word2number is used to process the numeric items with the numsenwords format.

How to install

You can install from pypi using pip:

pip install ixbrlparse


Developed by David Kane of Kane Data Ltd

Originally developed for a project with Power to Change looking at how to extract data from financial documents of community businesses.

Thanks to the following users for their contributions:

XBRL™ and iXBRL™ are trademarks of XBRL International, Inc. All rights reserved.

The XBRL™ standards are open and freely licensed by way of the XBRL International License Agreement. Our use of these trademarks is permitted by XBRL International in accordance with the XBRL International Trademark Policy.